Before + After

Incredible results and inspiring journeys; see some of our patients' before and after photos next time you visit our practice.

This adult patient had a severe deep bite and crowding in the lower arch. After braces, his teeth are aligned and the deep bite is reduced, which is much healthier for his gum tissue.

This patient was missing the upper right lateral incisor, and she had severe crowding in the lower arch. The lower first bicuspids were removed, and we used braces to align the lower teeth and move the upper right canine into the upper right lateral incisor position. After treatment, we reshaped the upper right canine to look like a lateral incisor.

This patient had moderate to severe crowding in the upper arch, and one of his upper central incisors was impacted (stuck under the gums) due to lack of space. We had an oral surgeon expose the impacted tooth so we could pull it down after we created enough space for it with an upper expander.

This patient’s upper back teeth were inside the lower back teeth (crossbite) on both sides, and the upper front teeth were behind the lower front teeth (anterior crossbite). She also had moderate crowding and the back teeth did not touch on the sides. After braces the teeth are aligned, the crossbites are corrected, and her back teeth are now touching.

This patient had a small lower jaw and his back bite position was off by a full tooth width on both sides. He also had a severe deep bite and overbite. We used braces in combination with a Class II appliance (AdvanSync) to maximize growth of his lower jaw and move his upper teeth back, which avoided extractions for him and improved his bite as well as his facial profile.